The CFUNITED 2020 Call for Sessions IS NOW CLOSED.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us at


  • Basic information about yourself.
  • Title of session.
  • Answer two questions about your session:
    • Sessions at CFUnited 2020 will seek to inspire and drive participants to act as change agents in their communities. Participants come from all over the country, all with different backgrounds. What impact does your session bring to the overall conference? What will participants take back to their communities? (300 words)
    • Engagement is fundamental to the success of Community Foundations. How will your session foster engagement among participants? How will you use space in creative ways? In this section, please describe how your 60-minute session will be designed, including use of space and other tactics, to drive engagement.
  • List three planned outcomes from your session.
  • Additional speaker information.
  • References.


CFUnited represents a variety of community foundations from across the US and as such, is dedicated to creating an inclusive conference experience that represents the diversity of the places, communities and people we serve. The program will speak to the wide range of attendees with a balance of professional development, inspiring new ideas and ways of thinking, and providing an educational benefit. Your session should have information that appeals to attendees who wear multiple hats.


Our Power of Place theme is defined by four core values: innovate, lead, collaborate, and engage. Your session should align with at least one of the four as defined below.


Community foundations must leverage new approaches and strategies to produce greater outcomes, deeper impact, and drive more significant change in the communities we serve.


Professionals in the community foundation field must employ leadership strategies and offer fresh perspectives to ensure broader community engagement.


Now is the time for the field to convene for peer learning, teaching and genuine, authentic, and forward-thinking conversation.


A deep understanding of how to fully engage donors and grantees in what matters locally, and beyond, is key to our industry’s success.


  • Session participants will be community foundation professionals from across the country, from communities big and small, near and far. They will be executives and new to the field. They will be next generation leaders and up-and-coming changemakers.
  • Let your ideas create the impact needed to drive change.


  • Community Foundations represent the brilliant diversity of our society. We are looking for content and speakers that highlight diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • For presentations with more than one speaker, you will be asked to list all potential speakers for your session, including titles and organizations.

Session Design

  • It’s time to think beyond the traditional format of a speaker at a podium or at a table talking about their slides. We encourage you to get creative with your 60-minute session design. Think about how you can create an environment that fosters collaboration and a commitment to driving engagement.
  • Think outside the “norm” and plan a unique and authentic session:
    • Put your chairs in a circle and hold a session in the round.
    • Shake things up a little. Step out from behind the podium and utilize the space in the breakout room.
    • Take Q&A to the next level by utilizing technology and media. Get everyone involved!

Evaluation Process

  • All session submissions will be peer reviewed and selections will be made by the CFUnited Conference Planning Committee.
  • Sessions will be judged on several criteria, including but not limited to:
    • How your session embraces the themes of CFUnited 2020.
    • Does your session incorporate the ideals of diversity, equity and inclusion?
    • Is the information presented relevant to more than one subset of attendees (ie: multiple affinity groups or professionals at varied stages of their career)?
    • To what extent does the session provide learning that encourages action?
    • Previous experience presenting to groups.

The CFUnited Call for Sessions is now closed. 

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